agave_nedemaxmese-300x300NédeMAX® Mese is a food supplement made up of Leucocyanidins, Melilotus and Bromelain.
Vitis vinifera (from which are extracted Leucocyanidins) and Melilotus, help to maintain the normal function of the microcirculation.
Melilotus contributes to the normal function of the venous circulation, including circulation of the hemorrhoidal plexus. In addition, Melilotus supports the drainage of body fluids.


Each tablet of NédeMAX® contains:

  • Leucoselect®(Leucocyanidins) – 300 mg
  • Lymphaselect®(Melilotus extract containing 18-20% Coumarin): 100mg
  • Bromelain – 100 mg (2.400 G.D.U.)


1 tablet per day, for 30 days, with a glass of water


NédeMAX® Mese is formulated in two-layer modified-release tablet (Technology Fast / Slow) capable of carrying active ingredients’ absorption and increasing their bioavailability to tissues.

Technology Fast / Slow

The Technology Fast / Slow, used to formulate tablets NédeMAX® Mese, allows to modulate the characteristic release time of the individual active ingredients. Layer Fast, thanks to Jelly F-Matrix ™ technology, optimizes the speed of disintegration of jelly oligomeric proanthocyanidins contained in Leucoselect®, allowing a complete small intestine absorption. Layer Slow, thanks to the patented T-Matrix Lipid ™, ensures release and a whole absorption of Lymphaselect® Bromelain in the small intestine. The T-Lipid Matrix ™ technology is a gastro-resistant system in which the coated ingredient are included, can guarantee a gradual or prolonged release of ingredients, so optimizing its absorption during day time.